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Lady Balfour, Fine Arts and Culture Organization, Dubai

Lady Gracia BALFOUR, Fine Arts

Fine ARTS and Culture      

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

June, 2016


Lady BALFOUR, Fine ART and Culture Organization

Gracia Balfour, president

The organization has as president, Mrs. Gracia Balfour, international artist, decorator fine art and professor of visual art, residing in Dubai, UAE.

The cultural organization is deprived of the Balfour family and associated special guests and has with the main objective to organize an association of artists from different countries, for realization of art exhibitions in the city of Dubai.

The president Lady Balfour is great private collection of the owner of their works of art in Brazil and Dubai and has antique pieces acquis of Spain.

Lady Gracia Balfour, Fine Arts

“Building new ideas or the construction of a cultural business plan in Dubai”

The art allows the construction of new links between artists, opens windows, organizes connections between art and culture of different cities and countries, to expand the artistic and cultural expressions among people in a group you can accomplish your goals.

Art can motivate the realization of good business, although there is a major crisis in the first world developed countries. And so even if there are alternatives to many business and art markets and international culture, encouraging new possibilities and perspectives.

Initially, Lady BALFOUR, Fine ART and Culture Organization has as its fundamental base, the important history, life experience, knowledge and art work of renowned artist Fine Arts, Gracia Balfour.

Logomarca e selo da fundação 

Assessoria de Comunicação
Ana Felix Garrjan & Equipe


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